Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre

Great Yarmouth's Premier Equestrian Centre

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Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre

Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre

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The center of your equestrian life!

Humberstone Farm Equestrian centre is a leading equine events hub for equestrian professionals and enthusiasts throughout Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Suffolk and beyond!

Our equestrian centre offer a fantastic range of all kinds of equestrian events from our beautifully situated arena on the edge of the Breydon River in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The equestrian centre is fast becoming the go to venue for a whole manner of equestrian events throughout Norfolk. We hold competitions such as Dressage, Show Jumping, Gymkhanas, Indoor Eventing (in the winter) and Showing Shows.

Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre
Humberstone Farm Arena
Humberstone Farm Indoor Arena

Regardless of you and your horses requirements Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre offers exceptional facilities for a whole range of equestrian events and activities.

Our indoor arena measures 30 x 60 and is completed with an excellent pro wax surface, making it ideal for any type of eventing. We also have a 20 x 40 rubber surfaced outdoor warm up arena to get your horses ready and raring to go prior to an event commencing.

Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre

What's on at Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre?

A leading Norfolk based equestrian centre for horse enthusiasts...

Humberstone Farm
Show Jump Schooling
Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre

Stimulate your horse's imagination with a hour or two spent at one of our equestrian centres show jump schooling days.

Humberstone Farm
Flat Arena Schooling

The core aims of flat schooling your horse is to develop suppleness, balance, confidence and obedience.

Humberstone Farm
Dressage Schooling

Dressage schooling allows riders and horses to gain experience, practice test riding and get the feel of competition.

Humberstone Farm
Equestrian Events & Shows
Equestrian Events

Enter one of Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre's many equestrian competitions, great fun for you and your horse!

Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre

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About Us

Humberstone Farm is accessible directly off the A12 in Great Yarmouth.  It is situated on the banks of Breydon Water, part of the world-famous Norfolk Broads network.

Equestrian Events in Norfolk

Humberstone Farm Equestrian Centre hold a vast array of events that cover a multitude of equestrian disciplines for riders in and around Great Yarmouth, Norfolk and East Anglia.